Integrity, positiveness and respect of all, is what she lives her life by and this has come out in the talks that she presents.


Jenna has being giving theme dinner parties for more than 20years. Her schooling was at a private school where Etiquette…


Today's Manners are tomorrows jobs. You don’t get a second chance to create a first Impression. Know the rules of Civility before...


Why do we need etiquette?

With things changing so quickly and technology moving  along at such a pace we need to have pointers and stakes in the ground that we may make reference to on our journey through life. The very core of both social and business etiquette is mutual respect, politeness and working together towards a solution. We at Lasting Impressions are here to do just that. Allow you to make a good Lasting Impression and not a bad Lasting Impression. The knowledge of these rules opens doors to opportunities that may not otherwise be realized by those who do not practice manners. We provide you with the tools for a competitive edge in your future, the habits that will see you succeed through life. A study done at Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation found That 85% of our children’s future depends on their Social skills. Good manners attract positive attention and show social competence and career readiness, so find out what is needed and then attain it.

Mission Statement

Success is a series of right choices
Here at Lasting Impressions
I model it- I do it
I mentor-I do it-you watch me
I mentor –you do it-I watch you
I don’t criticize- I help you do it
We multiply- you do it and train others