Seating Arrangements as per Appropriate Order of Precedence

Table plan and seating

Seating arrangements are guided by the Order of Precedence. When seating arrangements are considered, the guest list should be according to the official Table of Precedence of the country. This helps determine who should be seated on the right-hand side of the host.

Prior to arranging for seating guests, a list is made of guests who have confirmed their attendance, numbering them according to the Table of Precedence. When wives are attending, the will be assigned the same precedence as their husbands.

The following are accepted principles for seating dignitaries:

  • The seats of the host and hostess are considered at the starting point for the distribution of seats.
  • The Guest of Honor and his/her companion should be seated to the right-hand side of the host. If the President is the companion, the lady Guest of Honor will be seated on the President's right hand side and the man on his companion's right-hand side.
  • The second place of honor is to the left of the host/hostess
  • If there is a unaccompanied male guest, the precedence which would have been accorded to a spouse is accorded to the next woman in the Order of Precedence.
  • Should a sum total of guests to be seated be divided by four, men and woman cannot be alternated, and two woman and two will be placed together or the host and the hostess will be placed off the centre.
  • Seating arrangements will be guided by the design of the table i.e. round, rectangular or elongated or a combination of these. The following arrangements will be observed for the host/hostess:
    • In the middle of the table facing each other with the guest
    • Where the table is rectangular, at opposite ends of the table
    • Alongside each other. This is mostly suitable for ta table regarded as the man table that is normally longer than the ordinary tables.