Did you know?

Business Cards

Personal contact details
Overseas – one side English; one side preferred language
Exchanged at beginning or end of 1st Month
Recipients language face up
Make a point of studying it, comment then put it away


Print in gold as it is an auspicious colour
Translation to be in correct dialect – Cantonese Mandarin
Include your title
If company old add starting date (credibility)
Hold card with both hands
Never write on back of card


Add University degree
Use right hand to give and receive business card
Don’t need to translate card into Hindu


Use quality card
Keep in pristine condition
Treat received card with respect
Include your title (emphasis is placed on title – status)
Give with one hand but receive with 2 hands
During meeting place cards on table in order of seating
End of meeting place in portfolio or card case


Cards kept in pocket is acceptable
Keep clean and presentable